Membership & Lifestyle Management

Club Memberships are for our VIPs looking to meet and network with other luxury enthusiasts, and receive lifestyle management services.
Memberships are additionally available for purchase through the Discord Community.

Social Membership

Tier 1



Executive Membership

Tier 1



Lifestyle Management Services

Included with Executive Memberships.


Your dedicated lifestyle manager will arrange unforgettable entertainment experiences.

Supercar Garage

Receive access to our fleet of supercars in cities across the USA.
Click to see our fleet.

Personal Shopping

We’re experts in luxury fashion, and can assist our members in securing even the hardest to get items.

Private Aviation

Whether you are looking to charter a jet, or just book a economy round-trip, we’ve got you covered.

Real Estate

Whether the desire is to buy, sell or rent a first-class residence, our specialists will find the perfect property to suit every lifestyle and investment objective.

Travel & Leisure

Your dedicated lifestyle manager will help curate bespoke travel experiences for you and your group.


Frequently Asked Questions​

How limited is the Private Member Club?

The Private Members Club is limited to 250 spots. These spots will become available slowly through small restocks. Each tiered release has only 50 spots.

We have no intention of increasing this number at this time.

What is the difference between a Social and Executive Member?

Social Memberships are for those Private Members who are looking to network with other VIPs through our exclusive Discord group and Events.

Executive Memberships are for those members looking for the benefits of a Social Membership plus lifestyle management services. Additionally, Executive Members receive access to zero marketplace fees, discounted luxury fashion pre-orders, and luxury care packages.

Are there requirements to the Supercar Fleet?

Yes. Members who wish to reserve a luxury car from our fleet must be at least 25 years of age and must have a valid and non-expired ID. The name on your membership and ID must match. 

Additionally, each driver must have an active car insurance policy before driving one of our cars. We can assist you with this.


When are the VIP Member Events?

Formal VIP Member Events will begin in Q1 2023. Although, informal networking and luxury shopping events will be held before then both virtually and in person worldwide.

Event locations will be determined by our members via vote. 

How do I make Lifestyle Management requests?

Upon signup of an Executive Membership, your dedicated lifestyle manager will reach out to you personally via email. This email will include an introduction and all contact information that you may contact them at. They are there to make your life easier, so do not hesitate to reach out for anything.

You can also make requests via our Community Discord Server. 

Can you source me an item from an old collection?

Yes, we specialize in luxury fashion. All you need to do is contact your dedicated lifestyle manager, and they will source whatever item you are looking for.

*This service is only available to our Private Members, sorry.

How does the tiered pricing work?

A tiered pricing system is in place to reward our early members who supported us from the beginning. Only 50 spots will be available per release.

The price you pay is locked in, and you will never be charged more. The earlier you are, the lower price you pay.

Are memberships transferrable.

Memberships are NOT transferrable. You may purchase a membership as a company, but you must specify that on your initial application.